Daycares heed heat warnings to keep children safe

Daycares heed heat warnings to keep children safe
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The heat wave continued on Wednesday, July 26 in the Heartland with temperatures in the mid-90's and heat indexes well above 100 degrees.

We drove around to area parks and noticed not many people were outside. A heat advisory was also in effect for the area.

We called around and spoke to some daycares in the area about the importance of staying safe during these hot temperatures.

They said it's their number one priority to make sure the children are safe and limit the amount of time they do go outside during this time.

The University School for Young Children had their kids indoors for most of the day due to the heat but did let them outside for a bit.

"If it ever is really warm out, we'll go out for maybe 20 minute little intervals," University School for Young Children Lead Teacher Katie Lorenz said. "We'll take some water out with us whether in a big jug with the little paper cups or the toddlers each have their own little cup."

Teachers there said sunscreen and staying hydrated is important for the children, along with trying to keep them cool in different ways all while letting them have fun.

"We do water play, sprinklers, things like that so that we can get outside but we still have access to the water so they can get their energy out and still enjoy the outdoors even when it's this hot," Lorenz said.

"We had a whiffle bat and water balloons and were doing baseball," Alex Ewasko said.

We talked to some of the children about how hot they thought it was outside.

"It felt like a hundred degrees but I think it was only like 90 degrees," Maybry Shaver said.

"It was pretty hot," Ewasko said.

"It felt like a hundred degrees," Mabrie Barke and Kayden Kirn both said.

Lorenz added that they also pay close attention to children that have specific needs.

"We even have some kids here that have special conditions," Lorenz said. "One being that they don't sweat like normal children so we have to always be aware they have to have cooling clothes on and really understand that when they reach their limit then it's time to come inside. They're not going to tell you that they're too hot because they're wanting to just keep playing."

The daycare follows a chart to make sure everyone there is on the same page and knows what to do when certain weather conditions arise.

"It's a good guide," Lorenz added. "When it's green it's comfortable outside. Yellow is when we do our 20-minute interval going outside versus staying inside. The red is for sure just stay inside."

Overall, they just want to make sure they do the best job possible for these children and keep them safe.

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