How to keep your pets safe in a fire emergency

Updated: Jul. 12, 2017 at 2:46 PM CDT
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(KFVS) - Pet fire safety day is July 15. Do you know how to keep your pets safe in case of a fire emergency?

Over 500,000 pets are effected annually by house fires each year, nearly 1,000 of which ware accidentally started by those pets, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Fires can be detrimental to pets health, causing smoke inhalation that can lead to serious health issues, and in many serious cases, death.

The Humane Society of Missouri offers up these tips for pet fire safety:

Avoid the possibility of a fire started by your pets

  • Move all fire hazards out of a pet's reach. For example, if a cat enjoys being on the counter, cover or remove stove knobs that could easily be turned on. Potential risks will depend on your individual pets and how active they are.
  • Walk through your home looking for potential fire hazards such as loose wires and piles of paper that could easily catch fire.
  • Never leave a pet unattended around an open flame.
  • Make sure every level of your home is equipped with working smoke alarms.

Prepare pets for an easy escape in case of a fire

  • If pets will be home alone, make sure they are near an exit where they can easily be found.
  • Be sure all pets have identifying tags on their collars or microchip them for a permanent identification solution.
  • Have an emergency pet kit put together with food, water, first aid supplies, medication, medical records, leashes, and carriers, a current photo of the pet, and their veterinarian's information.
  • Arrange a list of places that pets can stay or be taken care of in case of an emergency such as family, friends, or a boarding facility.

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