Bizarre smoke ring over Cape Girardeau

Smoke rings in Cape Girardeau, MO from Elks Lodge
Updated: Jul. 8, 2017 at 10:40 PM CDT
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(Source: Ryan Mize/Facebook)
(Source: Ryan Mize/Facebook)
(Source: Christina Spitzmiller/Facebook)
(Source: Christina Spitzmiller/Facebook)
(Source: Michelle Claxton/Facebook)
(Source: Michelle Claxton/Facebook)


A bizarre smoke ring was spotted over Cape Girardeau on the evening of Saturday, July 8.

Photos and videos of the unusual sight filled social media, and there were some reports that traffic even stopped on major roadways so people could get a closer look.

The Cape Girardeau police and fire departments sent crews out to figure out the source of the smoke ring.

The police department eventually learned that it originated from the Elks Lodge near Cape County Park North. Police say they were testing fireworks at the lodge for a show that was set to happen the same night.

The police department said on their Facebook page, "We aren't expecting any alien abductions tonight in Cape Girardeau."

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