New affordable housing coming to Cairo, IL

New affordable housing coming to Cairo, IL

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - New affordable housing may be coming to the City of Cairo, Illinois soon.

According to Cairo Mayor Tyrone Coleman, after the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that hundreds of residents in Cairo, Illinois had to relocate from their current homes, officials have started talks to build new affordable housing in the area.

Back in April the residents of the current HUD housing were told that they would have to relocate and they would receive vouchers to help them move.

With less affordable housing in the area, some people have no other choice but to leave although many want to stay.

Cairo resident Jaylen Vincent said he wished plans to better the area were figured out sooner.

"They waited too late to start cause you got school starting in a few months," Vincent said. "If they got handing out vouchers and telling people to move, 80 percent of the school lives in the projects, in the housing, they've talked about casting the school to January, I mean it's all messed up so it's too late."

Other residents also had similar feelings saying that it was just too little too late for them. The mayor has not told us the full plan of where the housing is supposed to be or what a timeline will be.

But we do know that they are in talks with a firm from Chicago.

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