Old Greenville Recreation Area closed indefinitely after 2 natural disasters

Old Greenville Recreation Area closed indefinitely after 2 natural disasters

GREENVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Flooding took a toll on the Old Greenville Recreation Area park roughly a month ago in Greenville, Missouri.

Add storm damage from Memorial Day weekend on top of that and you can see why the area is littered with fallen large trees and mud left to be cleaned up.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Park Ranger Doug Nichols said they lost between half and two-thirds of their mature trees in the recent storm that swept through the Heartland.

"The wind were very strong," Nichols said. "No one was here when it happened so we don't know exactly what happened but it wasn't a tornado. Just straight line winds. All the trees are laying the same direction."

In addition to that, the Bettie Ford Boat Ramp area is still flooded and closed as well.

Cleanup efforts have started already with mud being cleared off roadways along with dozens of trees cut up and piled together.

"You can't replace a 100-year-old tree real easy so that's what's kind of devastating that so many of these trees were impacted," Nichols said. "It's going to take us a while to get that cleaned up and assess how much damage that we have before we move forward."

Nichols said it's going to take some time to get everything back to normal here as they are still cleaning up in other areas as well.

"We want to make sure we have quality, safe facilities for people to use," Nichols added. "It's very important that for those users and the community that relies on us for their livelihoods that we're open. We work very hard to get the facilities back open as soon as we can and unfortunately this one is going to take a little bit longer."

Nichols said the flooding saturated the grounds. This added to the 100-foot-tall trees, makes it easier for them to topple over.

The bright side to this was nobody was at the campground on Memorial Day weekend when the storm hit, which could have left some serious injuries and even death if it weren't closed due to the flooding.

"If you were here before and see where all the trees were at. There's cross pads and things like that so there definitely would have been some issues for folks if they had been here to camp," Nichols said. "It was kind of a blessing that way the area was closed during this event."

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