MO Dept. of Conservation expecting Japanese beetle boom

MO Dept. of Conservation expecting Japanese beetle boom

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - You could see more of an unwanted guest in your gardens this summer.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is concerned about an increase in the Japanese beetle population.

The Japanese beetle is an invasive species that already overtakes gardens and can destroy bushes and plants, but because of the mild winter we had there could be a whole lot more of them.

They plants eggs at the end of each summer and normally the hard freezes kills a lot of the larvae before they can hatch. But most of them survived. The MDC says that right now most of the products on the market that kill the beetles aren't the best for the ecosystem.

Right now we don't have any biological kind of thing that we can use against the Japanese Beetles. You can go to the garden story and find things, sprays, chemicals, that say they work against them," said Jamie Koehler. "But the thing is if they will kill the Japanese Beetles they'll also kill our native pollinators."

The best thing to do if you do have these pests is to wake up early when they're still sluggish and knock them off the branches into a bucket of soapy water.

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