Young Poplar Bluff woman graduates college before high school

Young Poplar Bluff woman graduates college before high school
(Source: Lindsay Moore)
(Source: Lindsay Moore)
(Source: Rob Foote/KFVS)
(Source: Rob Foote/KFVS)

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Graduation season is always a fun time especially for those getting their degrees. But, one young lady in Poplar Bluff had a less than traditional graduation from both college and high school.

"It's kind of been a week of everything happening," Mackenzie Moore said. "Sometime soon I'll really grasp what I've done."

Moore did what few could achieve, graduating college before high school.

"Oh it's crazy to think that all of these people are supporting me," Moore said. "Definitely in the community just encouraging me to pursue my dreams."

Moore graduated with an Associates of Arts in Education from Three River's College a week before graduating with her High School Diploma from Poplar Bluff High School. She plans to become a teacher one day.

"I've seen the impact that teachers have made on student's lives," Moore said. "Just watching kids develop and grow in their academic performance really gave me the motivation to do that quicker. To be able to reach more kids and just help them do anything they want to do and help follow their dreams."

High school and college at the same time can get quite hectic, Moore said she knew full well what she was getting into.

"Planners," Moore said. "I've taken anywhere from 3 to 4 classes outside of my regular 8-hour schedule and so I think just really planning everything out, assignments that are due and just keeping track of the time and balancing it all is just really important."

On top of all her school work, Moore was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Three Rivers, National Honor Society at Poplar Bluff, as well as other activities.

"My last semester it got, with everything, with senior year I kind of wanted to just take a break and rest and enjoy senior year, but I was just so far along that I said 'I can do this' and kind of just motivated myself."

Moore admitted that she did get some help along the way.

"My mother has been the most impactful," Moore said. "Through everything she has always stuck by my side, it's really made a difference. Rather than her, I've got my grandparents. But the teachers and staff at SEMO, Three River's and my high school has made my ride a lot easier and has really encouraged me along the way and kept me motivated."

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