Spring weather bringing pollen - and allergies - to the Heartland

Spring weather bringing pollen - and allergies - to the Heartland
Updated: May. 19, 2017 at 10:14 PM CDT
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MISSOURI (KFVS) - Are allergies getting the best of you?

For many people in the Heartland, this season could be tough as more pollen is creating more problems.

Its that time of year and allergist say the best thing you can do right now as pollen is in the air – is use the right treatment products.

According to Pollen, the top allergens in Southeast Missouri are grasses, mulberry and oak.

Right now, the allergy website estimates the allergy index at a 5 out of 12 - that's a medium level and lower than it was on Tuesday when it was at 10.

Here's what St. Francis Medical Center Dr. Christopher Jung said you should do if your allergies starts to bother you.

"If they have to be outside then I would recommend the internasal steroid first because it doesn't effect other things, if that's a bigger problem," he said. "If they have a lot of drainage then they should add an oral antihistamine as well."

There's good news in all of this - this weekend allergy levels are expected to be at its lowest tomorrow, but unfortunately heads back up to a medium level on Sunday May 21.

Jung said our recent rain and flood waters are some of the main reasons why so much allergy levels are so unstable.

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