Proposed IL bill would alter firearms sales, licensing rules

Proposed IL bill would alter firearms sales, licensing rules

MARION, IL (KFVS) - A new gun dealer licensing bill is currently trying to be pushed through the Illinois senate.

The bill, titled SB 1657, is meant to hinder criminals from obtaining fire arms at gun stores. However, in doing so, this also brings more fees and regulations for small gun shop owners in Illinois that could hurt businesses.

The bill would make anyone working in a gun store maintain a license through the state to sell guns to individuals, and to sell guns at shops, individuals will have to do an additional 40 hours of continuing education yearly.

The bill will also limit individuals looking to buy or sell guns to 9 transactions per year.

This has at least one business owner in Marion worried about the cost. JD Barter, the co-owner of Tombstone Gun Range in Marion, said he's worried about the cost of the licenses, and that criminals will still manage to get their hands on guns and that this new bill will only effect legal gun owners.

"It would just be to costly as a business for us to continue selling firearms. It just ultimately effects the law abiding citizen who is wanting the firearms for recreational use and defense use," said Barter.

Tombstone has four other employees, aside from the two owners, that would need continuing training throughout the year - which Barter believes will make it harder for the business to stay profitable.

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