Missouri prescription drug monitoring program measure fails to pass

Missouri prescription drug monitoring program measure fails to pass

MISSOURI (KFVS) - A measure to create a prescription drug monitoring program in Missouri, the last state without one, has failed.

The Missouri House was set to vote on the Senate version of the measure, that would have created a database to track opioids that would hold that information for 180 days before purging it.

It also mandated doctors and pharmacists to use it, meaning they had to use it if it was created.

Representative Holly Rehder of Sikeston, who has championed the effort to create a PDMP for the last several years, said several medical groups came out against the measure because of that mandate.

She also says St. Louis lawmakers didn't support it because the PDMP created in St. Louis County is tougher than the one the Senate sent back to the house to vote on.

This means the measure is dead as the session is over. Rehder gave the following statement:

We came out of conference committee with a very strong bill... Two year data purge, all schedule 2-4, and a use mandate before prescribing.  We lost support of the Medical Association because of the prescriber use mandate, we lost support from the St Louis County reps because the county didn't feel it was as strong as their local PDMP. I needed them to get us over the finish line. I'm hoping we can come to a consensus in the near future. We came closer this year than we ever have. [Two] people overdose every day in MO. I'm not going to give up.

Missouri remains the only state in the nation without a database to track dangerous prescription pills.

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