Lawmakers propose project to bring new life to Cairo, IL

New project proposed in Cairo, IL to help economy
Updated: May. 8, 2017 at 8:19 PM CDT
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CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Federal and Illinois State Lawmakers said they may have a project that could bring new life to historic Cairo, Illinois.

This multi-million dollar proposal would bring a port terminal to Cairo, Il and it's expected turn around this struggling economy.

Cairo sits at the intersection of the Ohio and Mississippi River. Both waterways are heavily used to ship goods down to south and up north as well.

Delta Regional Authority Federal Co-Chairman Christopher Masingill and Illinois State Senator Dale Fowler surveyed the area where this project would be implemented.

Masingill said he is interested in bringing as much help to this project and Cairo's economy as possible.

"Right now, it's about reviewing and knowing what the realities are and how we can play a role," Masingill said. "Maybe we can come in and be a little bit of a seed or maybe we could bridge or maybe we could come in at the end. This is a long process and the first step of that is getting a better understanding of what the impact of this project would be."

Illinois Senator Dale Fowler said since taking office in January and visiting Cairo he has witnessed a town that has the potential to be turned around.

Fowler, along with Masingill, got a glimpse at the living conditions of Cairo residents and the need to bring this multi-million dollar project.

Cairo's Mayor Tyrone Coleman said he believes this project is just what his town needs.

"We just have some things to overcome, which is no different than any other community," Mayor Coleman said. "Every community that progresses and flourishing now didn't start off that way. There's always a beginning part and I think Cairo is at its second beginning."

Through the years Cairo has struggled with many heartaches due to the lack of funding and a state budget.

Officials over the project said it would take about 1 million dollars to start this project.

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