Disaster Relief Team helps Marion family recover from flood damage

Updated: May. 8, 2017 at 7:37 PM CDT
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MARION, IL (KFVS) - As the water begins to go down, flood victims are dealing with the damage left behind.

Volunteers wearing bright yellow shirts, from Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief, helped flood victims across Williamson County. One family in Marion, Illinois needs help and wants answers from the city.

Jennifer Stalcup appreciates the volunteers working on her family's home that was severely damaged by Spring Flood '17 nine days ago. David Rice, Stalcup's fiance, is the owner the home.

"Thank GOD for them. Just thank God for them," Stalcup said, referring to the disaster relief team. 

"It's nice to see people in the community actually want to help in time of need because we definitely in need right now," Rice replied.

In the 84-degree heat on Monday, May 8, the volunteers ripped out drywall and insulation, discarded trash, and cleaned floors with a special solution to prevent any mold issues.

"It's a blessing…as you can see everything we owned is totally ruined. It's just like you have to start over. …It's like losing everything you own in one fatal swoop," Rice explained. 
The disaster team was there to mend the families home, and mend their spirits as well.

Steve Dailey, one of the coordinators of the disaster relief team, said, "Well, we do it for the Lord. It's for his kingdom that we do this."

"They're so happy we are doing this for them for them. Because the last time it flooded they did it themselves. And they didn't tear anything out. And there's mold growing up inside the walls and stuff and those kitchen cabinets are full of mold," He added.
Rice has owned his home for 20 years.  It flooded back in 2011, he said, for the same reason it did just last week.

"We are In the lowest spot in the area and we get everybody's water right here," Rice explained

"The city of Marion needs to clean out this ditch that flooded their home...He's got to do something to help these people. He's been flooded 4 times since he's lived here. And it's no way to live," Dailey agreed.

"I pay my taxes every year, I don't know why they can't help me.. there's got to be something that can be done," Rice said.

According to Marion City Clerk, the person to speak with is Doug Phillips, Marion Street Superintendent, for any solution on fixing the ditch.

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