Adorable photobombers captured in Sikeston prom pictures

Adorable photobombers captured in Sikeston prom pictures
(Source: Whitney Whitten Montgomery)
(Source: Whitney Whitten Montgomery)

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - People usually don't appreciate photo-bombers, especially when the photos are capturing a special memory.

But, it's safe to say a couple of prom-goers in Sikeston didn't mind the group that made an appearance in their pictures!

According to Whitney Whitten Montgomery, her daughter, Audrey Whitten, and her date, Luke Selvig, went to Fox Haven Country Club to take some pictures before prom.

But, Whitney said they got more than just a nice background!

As she was snapping pictures, Whitney noticed a baby fox pop out from one of the sand bunkers on the course!

Before much longer, two siblings popped out and joined in the photo shoot.

Whitney said the kits didn't seem to be frightened at all. In fact, they were very playful the entire time.

And, now we all know why the club is called the Fox Haven Country Club.

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