Cairo in less danger from flood than in 2011

Cairo in less danger from flood than in 2011

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - In 2011, Cairo, Illinois was the center of attention and the decision was made to blow the Birds Point Levee in Mississippi County, Missouri to save Cairo.

Now, in 2017, County Engineer Jeff Denny said Cairo is in much less danger than in 2011 for a couple of reasons. First, the Ohio River is high, but not flooding to the level it was in 2011.

That's offering some relief to the Mississippi River. In fact, Denny said the river is supposed to crest at Cairo at 52 feet, which is 9 feet lower than in 2011.

Another problem that plagued Cairo in 2011 was sand boils.

Denny said following the flood six years ago, the Corps of Engineers put in several relief wells in town to counteract the sand boils that tore up Cairo's streets; and so far, so good. No sand boils are popping up.

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