Scott Co. officials: Despite receding water, flooding threat not over

Scott Co. officials: Despite receding water, flooding threat not over

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - While the water seems to be receding as of Monday afternoon, county leaders expect water flowing south will likely impact the county on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Leaders in Scott County are closely monitoring the Little River, the floodway, and other ditches around the county as the Mississippi River is expected to be near record flooding on the east side of the county.

The roads in Scott County are wet, dangerous, and in some cases falling apart. There are road closed signs out across the county.

County Road 332 by Beggs Berry World is closed because about half of the road is washed out.

Scott County officials said it will be closed until they are able to fill it in, which will be after this flooding is over.

People are asked not to drive through flooded streets because, in addition to the danger to yourself, it would also send waves of water into people's homes.

First responders like Scott County Rural Fire Department Assistant Chief of Operations Jarence Dial want you to take extra caution if you have to drive.

"The rain that we've had the last few days - the ground is already saturated. It can't take very much more," Dial said. "So, with that and what I said the water that's going to come south, it's probably going to get pretty deep in some areas."

Sheriff Wes Drury is asking everybody to slow down. He said roadways get weakened when water runs underneath them. Sometimes they crack, and roadways fall off to the side.

Deputy Toby Haynes also said even if there is only a little water on the ground it can be just as dangerous.

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