CLOSED: Roads closed due to flooding in the Heartland

CLOSED: Roads closed due to flooding in the Heartland

A number of roads in the Heartland are closed or blocked due to flooding from severe weather.


Butler County

  • Route 142-Route 67 to Route HH and north to Route 158
  • Route N-CRD 243 to CRD 232
  • Route HH-from Route H to CRD 329
  • Route H-from Route HH to near the end of state maintenance

Cape Girardeau County

  • Route 25 from the junction to County Road 216
  • Route A from the junction to County Road 234
  • Route 74 from the junction of I-55 to County Road 205 (Bloomfield Road)
  • Route 74 - from Outer 55 to CRD 205 and the Route 25/A/74 junction at Dutchtown to CRD 214
  • Route N-from Route U to Route NN and CRD 253 to CRD 254
  • Route HH-from Route OO to end of state maintenance
  • Route U-from Route T to Route A
  • Kingshighway-Route 74 to Castor River Diversion Channel at Scott City
  • Route 74-Route 25 to CRD 214
  • SB I-55 ramp at mile marker 93 onto Route 74 is closed
  • SB US 61/South Kingshighway ramp onto Route 74 is closed
  • First Street between Main and Water Streets in Cape Girardeau
  • North End Boulevard between North Fountain Street and Big Bend Road in Cape Girardeau
  • Water between Second and Fifth in Cape Girardeau
  • Fourth between Water and Main in Cape Girardeau
  • Third between Spanish and Water in Cape Girardeau
  • Main between Fourth and south of First in Cape Girardeau
  • East Cape Rock Drive just north of Cape Rock Circle in Cape Girardeau
  • South Sprigg Street from Old Highway 61 to Petroleum Rd. in Cape Girardeau
  • Kingshighway/Route 74 to Diversion Channel in Cape Girardeau
  • Hwy. 177 from CR 651 to Cape Rock Drive in Cape Girardeau
  • All of Meadowbrook Lane off of South Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau
  • Flood affected areas of Aquamsi in Cape Girardeau

Carter County

  • Route Y
  • Route M-near Rogers Creek and Mill Creek

Dunklin County

  • Route DD-west of Route 53; from CRD 213 to CRD 203

Iron County

  • Route D
  • Route F-at Crane Pond Creek

Madison County

  • Route V-CRD 243 to Route F

Mississippi County

  • Route 77 - from Levee Road to state line
  • Route 80 - from Levee Road to state line

New Madrid County

  • Route 162-from CRD 439 to stateline
  • Route P-at St. John’s Diversion Channel from Route BB to CRD 727
  • Route WW-from Route P to Route AB

Perry County

  • Chester Bridge on Route 51
  • Route E-from CRD 534 to CRD 322
  • Route AA-between CRD 508/510 and CRD 522
  • Route A-from Wittenberg to CRD 448
  • Route B-from Route K to CRD 5
  • Route C-at Menfro

Reynolds County

  • Route F-at Logan Creek
  • Route K-east of Route O to west of CRD 440
  • Route B-CRD 786 to CRD 785 and CRD 758
  • Route HH-from Route RA in Reynolds County to Tacketts Pocket near Piedmont in Wayne County

Ripley County

  • Route 142-at Doniphan, Mo. and Route B in Ripley County to Route HH near Vastus in Butler County
  • Route 21-in Doniphan, Mo.
  • Route A-near 21S-3 to CRD A-7
  • Route AA
  • Route H
  • Route W

Scott County

***According to Scott Co. EMA Director Trey Hardy, only local traffic in Commerce, Mo. until further notice***

  • Route E - at Commerce

Ste. Genevieve County

  • Route 32-from Gisi Road to Siebert Road
  • Route J-from Route 61 to Buehler Road
  • Route 61-from Route H to Route M
  • Route V-from 61 to Sugar Bottom Road
  • Route U - at Route 61 at Saint Mary
  • Route M-from Route J to Eisenbeis Road
  • Route H-from Route 61 to Ste. Genevieve/Perry County line

Stoddard County

  • Eastbound Route 60 Ramp at Route 51 (Fisk/Puxico)

Wayne County

  • Route 143-Route 34 in Wayne County to Route 49 in Iron County
  • Route FF-CRD 378 to CRD 380
  • Route KK-south of CRD 456
  • Business 67-from Route D to US 67; near Greenville, Mo.
  • Route 49-from Mill Spring, Mo. to CRD 440
  • Route HH-from Route RA in Reynolds County to Tacketts Pocket near Piedmont in Wayne County
  • Route D-at East Fork Lost Creek
  • Route T-from CRD 404 in Stoddard County to the Wayne/Butler County line


You can click here to check the road closures from IDOT.

According to Kris Tyler with IDNR, Big Muddy River is closed to all recreational boating/fishing/cruising/etc until further notice.

Alexander County

  • Old IL 3 at Gale closed due to water on pavement, no power to pump station

Franklin County

  • State Highway 148 south of Zeigler at the Big Muddy River is down to one lane because of water over the roadway.
  • State Highway 37 north of West Frankfort city limits closed by IDOT due to water over the roadway.
  • State Highway 37 south of West Frankfort city limits. IDOT has closed the roadway due to high water. They urge drivers to seek alternate routes.

Hamilton County

  • State Highway IL 242 closed by IDOT due to water over roadway
  • State Highway IL 142 just south of Dale is closed due to water over roadway

Johnson County

  • IL 37  Johnson City South edge (New Virginia Road to 4th Street) is closed.
  • IL 37 from White Hill to Perks Road

Perry County

  • Southbound lane of Hwy. 51, south of the Chester Bridge is covered with water, use caution. The bridge is NOT closed at this time.

Randolph County

According to Randolph County EMA, the Chester bridge is not anticipated to be closed for the forseeable future. The latest projected crest of the Mississippi at Chester is 43.5 feet on May 4-15, 16.5 feet above flood stage. Historically, the bridge doesn't close until the river reaches 45 feet.

  • IL 3 Chester-Water Street (St. Mary's River) to Jackson County Line. Cora levee flood gates are closed.
  • Roots Road to South Prairie Road (Ellis Grove)
  • Kaskaskia River Lock and Dam Road near Modoc
  • Water Street in Chester
  • Rte. 155 flood gates on Prairie du Rocher Creek in Prairie du Rocher
  • Rte. 3 between Chester and Rockwood
  • Rte. 3 flood gates at Cora
  • Kaskaskia St. in Chester
  • The bridge access road to Kaskaskia Island
  • Mill Creek Road (partial)
  • Welge Road (partial)

Saline County

  • Route 34, from Harco Rd. to Harrisburg Rd. - closed due to water over guardrails
  • Highway 45 South from Carrier Mills to Stonefort - reopened to one lane of traffic. Should be completely open by Monday afternoon.
  • Sloan St in Harrisburg is still closed. Do not drive around the barricades or through the water.

White County

  • IL-1 in Carmi - closed due to high water

Williamson County

  • Meridian Road
  • Gosnell Rd. in Hurst
  • Hestand St. in Hurst


Hickman County

  • KKY 123 is CLOSED due to floodwaters between the 14 and 16 mile marker in the Obion Creek bottoms.  This is in the Hailwell area of southwestern Hickman County.

Fulton County

  • KY 1129 has reopened.
  • KY 2140 is OPEN between the 2 and 4 mile marker.  This is along KY 2140 between KY 1129 and KY 94.
  • Dorena-Hickman Ferry is CLOSED due to floodwaters covering the landing- River forecast indicates it is likely to remain closed until around May 12th
  • KY 1354 CLOSED just off KY 94 at the Dorena-Hickman Ferry Landing.

McCracken County

  • KY 1255/Bonds Road CLOSED due to floodwaters at 2 to 3 mile marker.

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