Teens urged to stay safe during prom and graduation season

Teens urged to stay safe during prom and graduation season

(KFVS) - As prom and graduation season draw nearer, Illinois State Troopers want young drivers to be responsible as they celebrate.

According to ISP District 13, the primary safety message is in the word PROM which asks teens to "Please Return on Monday."

During the coming weeks, ISP District 13 Troopers will be conducting high visibility patrols with aggressive enforcement of the Fatal Four violations: DUI, Speeding, Seat Belt, and Distracted Driving, with a focus on DUI violations.

Interim District 13 / 22 Commander Michael Alvey would like to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly, stating "It only takes one bad decision to turn a celebration into a tragedy. Everyone should stay away from drugs, don't drive distracted, and if you are under the age of 21, please, refrain from alcohol."

It is important to modify teen driving behavior while they are young to create responsible drivers. Many of these dangerous driving habits such as carelessness, inexperience, distractions and fatigue are especially dangerous when combined with drugs and alcohol.

Seat Belt Enforcement Zones will also be conducted in addition to directed patrols. The goal of these concentrated efforts is voluntary compliance. With the motoring public's assistance, we can help ensure this year's prom and graduation memories are positive ones. Think responsibly, put the phone down, "Drop it and Drive," buckle up, and don't use alcohol or drugs.

Although this message comes from ISP, this is relevant across all of the Heartland.

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