Cape Girardeau Public Works cleaning drains to prepare for severe weather

Cape Girardeau Public Works cleaning drains to prepare for severe weather
Updated: Apr. 27, 2017 at 4:48 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - As we await another round of severe weather, Cape Girardeau Public Works is making sure the city is ready for heavy rains.

We declared a First Alert Action Day Friday through Sunday because flash flooding is expected for this weekend and Assistant Director Stan Polivick said his department is cleaning all drainage systems so that water flows smoothly.

His crews took the time on Thursday to get out all excess debris that could affect the flow of rain water.

Polivick said after Wednesday's severe weather he knew this needed to be done because the severe weather comes again.

"If we didn't get this cleaned out and water got out and flooded the street then the residents can't get through," Polivick said. "More importantly emergency vehicles can't get through. So we want to try to keep these channels open so ambulance, fire and police, if they need to come through they are not going to go through standing water on the road."

Polivick also recommended you clean out your home gutters.

He said it could help stop the rain water from clogging your pipes.

"Make sure that you are not getting water backing up under your roof lines or under your shingles or something," he said. "It's a good practice to do that, a good time of year to do that. Certainly if out in the street if you see debris in the curb line then pick up the leaves or the pine straw or the trash so that it doesn't get hooked up in the pipes."

Polivick also said cleaning these ditches help make sure rain water doesn't get in the way of emergency crews responding to calls.

He said he has a crew on standby this weekend if anything was to go wrong.

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