Cape Girardeau business owner concerned about drivers speed on Broadway

Business owner takes a stand against speeding on Broadway in Cape Girardeau
Updated: Apr. 25, 2017 at 5:29 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you shop on Broadway in downtown Cape Girardeau, you may find it hard crossing the street.

Well, now business owners say they want to change that.

The speed limit is 25 miles per hour on Broadway Street but one business owner, Laurie Everett, said she sees drivers breaking that law all too often....and making it dangerous for her customers.

"I don't have a radar, but if I were to guess I would say maybe 35 plus," Everett said.

Everett owns two shops at the corner of Broadway and Frederick.

She said her customers enjoy shopping at both her stores, but they run into issues trying to cross the street.

"We're not seeing people stop to let pedestrians cross,:" she said. "So people are just having to cross when there are a low on traffic and it can be dangerous at times."

So to help relay the message to drivers, Everett placed two alerts along the sidewalk.

On one side it says "Be Nice – Let people cross the street."

While on the other side it reminds drivers "Broadway is not the Indy 500."

"We just want to bring awareness that we are a heavy traffic area as far as pedestrians," she said.

Everett also took her concerns to the Cape Girardeau City Council with the hopes of adding official signs reminding drivers about the pedestrian right-of-way.

The speed limit on Broadway is 25 miles per hour, but you wouldn't know because there are no signs posted from Broadway and Sprigg driving east to Main Street.

Sergeant Rick Schmidt works for Cape Police.

"They just don't take into consideration the business owners that have invested a large amount of money and time into their business," Schmidt said. "And pedestrians that they are just in a hurry."

But the sergeant said that's no excuse to carelessly drive down Broadway.

Schmidt said there is a way to address this problem, but he doesn't believe its signs.

"The best thing, in my opinion, is enforcement," he said. "That usually will work as good, if not better than signage."

And Schmidt said his department plans to do just that.

But in the meantime, Everett said she hopes drivers understand it's okay to slow down and maybe enjoy the scenery of Cape Girardeau's downtown.

"This is a great problem that we are seeing more traffic because we want people to come downtown," Everett said. "We just want it to be safe for everyone."

Everett also said she is hopeful for the council to come up with some type of solution soon to make sure shoppers downtown are safe.

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