IL Emergency Management Agency met to prep for spring flooding

IL Emergency Management Agency met to prep for spring flooding

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - In preparation for the spring and summer months, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service met with officials in Carbondale to assess the flood forecast for rivers, lakes and streams throughout the state of Illinois.

Thursday's meeting on April 20 was part of a series of six meetings over the last three weeks.

James Joseph, director of IL Emergency Management Agency said they want to be proactive as possible to alleviate any flood events in the future.

"The good news is we are not seeing that there's a high risk for major flooding, but we still want to ensure that we are going around the state talking about the risk that could occur from flooding and the importance of having supplies and plans in place at the local level to combat any type of flooding or severe weather that could occur," Joseph explained.

The Service Hydrologist with National Weather Service, Mary Lamm, said the drought monitor came out on Thursday morning for the region, but she said rain over the weekend will wipe out the drought.

"The biggest takeaway when you're looking at flooding for later on this spring and even this summer is it's going to come from heavy rain," Lamm said. "We have no snow pact left in the Mississippi Valley or the Ohio Valley, so the only river flooding we'll see is strictly from heavy rainfall."

The Illinois EMA oversees emergency management, homeland security and the nuclear safety programs in the state of Illinois.

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