Mound City, IL elects first African American, female mayor

Mound City, IL elects first African American, female mayor

MOUND CITY, IL (KFVS) - Tuesday's municipal election made history in Mound City, Illinois - the small community elected its first African American and first female mayor.

"It's history," Mayor-elect Allison Madison said. "Now that part, that's amazing, that's just awesome to me and I guess I'm happy about that!"

Allison Madison can't contain her excitement as she prepares to serve as mayor of Mound City.

But Madison said it wasn't an idea she was always so sure about.

"I just thought 'okay, I'll just try this to see what can I do'," she said. "To see if I can make a difference in the town."

So, Madison entered her bid and started putting campaign signs in supporter's yards.

On Tuesday, surrounded by family and friends, Madison saw history in the making.

"I was just happy and I thought 'okay I'm now the mayor of Mound City, but work is going to begin'.'" she said.

She said she plans to clean up the community, bring in new business and help the youth.

Some people who live in Mound City say she has their full support.

"We'll be behind her 100 percent," Artie Dickerson said. "Whatever she tries, we're going to be behind her."

Madison said she hopes to be an inspiration to all the young people growing up doubting what they can accomplish.

"You can do this," he said. "Nothing can stop you but you - you can do this, you can be who you want to be."

In a few weeks, once the election results become official, Madison said she will then be sworn in.

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