Results for Scott County, MO ballot issues

Results for Scott County, MO ballot issues

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Ballot issues concerning updates to school facilities were up for a vote in Scott County, Missouri on Tuesday, April 4.

The results of those votes are in.

The school board at Scott County Central received a "yes" vote for a $1.75 million bond issue that would be used for a maintenance projects and upgrades in the district.

Yes votes totaled to 231 at 86% and no votes totaled to 38 at 14%.

Chaffee R-2 District asked voters to approve a proposition allowing the district to borrow $1.1 million to make changes that district's elementary school.

That proposition received 319 or 86% "yes" votes and 53 or 14% "no".

Another school bond issue up for a vote was in the Oran R-3 District.

Voters in this area chose to allow the school board can borrow $1,035,000 to make various repairs at district facilities.

The vote was 275 or 81% yes and 63 or 19% no.

The largest bond issue up for a vote on Tuesday in Scott County was in the Sikeston R-6 School District. Voters approved an $11 million bond issue to build a new elementary school that will include a multi-purpose building and safe room.

Proposition Question (Sikeston Schools)

The issue was approved with 2,072 or 74% yes and 737 or 26% no votes.

A "yes" vote on the bond issues in Chaffee R-2, Scott County Central, Oran R-3 or Sikeston R-6 reportedly will not cause your property taxes to go up.

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