Scott County, MO ballot issues for April 4

Scott County, MO ballot issues for April 4

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Several ballot issues concerning updates to school facilities will be up for a vote in Scott County, Missouri on Tuesday, April 4.

The school board at Scott County Central is hoping for a "yes" vote for a $1.75 million bond issue. That money will be used for a variety of maintenance projects and upgrades in the district.

Chaffee R-2 District is also asking voters to approve a proposition allowing the district to borrow $1.1 million to make repairs and improvements at that district's elementary school.

Another school bond issue up for a vote is in the Oran R-3 District.

Oran voters will decide whether or not the school board can borrow $1,035,000 to make various repairs at district facilities.

The largest bond issue up for a vote on Tuesday in Scott County is in the Sikeston R-6 School District. The school board there hopes voters will approve an $11 million bond issue to build a new elementary school that will include a multi-purpose building and safe room.

"The residents of these entities need to realize that this, their school district, or this, their city, and they need to get out to exercise their right to voice their opinion because every vote does count and it will make a difference," Rita Milam, Scott County clerk, said.

A "yes" vote on the bond issues in Chaffee R-2, Scott County Central, Oran R-3 or Sikeston R-6 reportedly will not cause your property taxes to go up.

Election officials expect about 18 percent of registered Scott County voters to turn out to the polls on Tuesday.

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