Sikeston senior accepted to several ivy league schools

Sikeston senior accepted to several ivy league schools

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A Sikeston student is absolutely thrilled after receiving an acceptance letter from Harvard last week.

That's just one of 13 universities where Malik Barnett has been accepted.

"From early on, he knew he wanted to go to college," Kim Thornbrough, Sikeston senior counselor, said.

Malik was accepted at every school including Yale, Princeton, and the University of Missouri.

His reaction to being accepted at Harvard is priceless.

"I was so glad they recorded that because that was awesome to see his first initial reaction to getting accepted to Harvard," Kim Thornbrough said.

We caught up with Malik in class at Sikeston High School on April 3 as he was taking down notes and listening to his teacher.

"To just open the letter then see it actually went through and I got accepted, it was just a really great experience," he said.

Malik credits his teachers, counselors, and other staff at Sikeston High School for part os his success. He said some of his teachers even went on college campus tours as early as his freshman year!

But, above all, Malik says his mom has been a driving force his entire life.

"I think what mostly what drives me is a force outside of school has a lot to do with my mother. She had me at a very young age when she was still in high school, actually, I think she was in Jr. High at the time so, growing up I experienced her still going through school yet she still graduated at the top of her class," said Malik.

Malik said he has narrowed his choice down to two. It's between Yale and Harvard. He said he doesn't know which school what he'll choose until he visits both campuses later this month.

"I was excited for him because it was a huge honor for him but also an honor for us as teachers," said Dawn Brown, Sikeston Mathematics teacher. "It tells us we're doing what we need to do. It's why we're teachers."

Malik already knows what he wants to do, he'll be focusing his degree in the medical field.

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