Perryville, MO daycare worker protects children during tornado

Perryville, MO daycare worker protects children during tornado

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - The tornado in Perryville was scary enough for adults, but imagine looking at it through the eyes of a child.

Debbie Sutterer ran a home daycare in Perryville, and she lost most of her things in the tornado.

But for her, the lives that were saved are more important.

"It's just stuff. People's lives is what matters," said Sutterer.

The only thing left of her home is the foundation and the basement where she took four kids to keep them safe.

Debbie said that the kids were very brave and stayed calm the entire time which helped her also stay calm.

"I used to have a wall there and so I could see it was all gone, and I froze and thought I couldn't bring my kids up here like that - so I just went back and said 'I think we're gonna stay here and let's just find another hiding spot and we'll put mattress over us'," said Sutterer.

Avry, 3, Mattie, 6, and Mileigh, 9, said they were scared when the tornado hit, but knew they were safe with Ms. Debbie.

"Get undercover just in case another one comes. And she said that if another one was going to come, she would put a mattress over us," said Mileigh and Mattie.

Debbie is cleaning up the neighborhood, alongside other members of the community.

She and others are continuing to find things around their homes as they clean up, and she even found the kids backpack, which they thought were gone forever.

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