Does It Work: Copper Fit Back Pro

Does It Work: Copper Fit Back Pro

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you suffer from lower back pain you'll try anything to get some relief.

A product called Copper Fit Back Pro promises instant support and relief from sore muscles, but does it work?

To put the product to the test we asked the athletes at Muddy Water CrossFit in Cape Girardeau to put the back support belt to the test.

The gym's co-owner, Heather Williams said sore muscles are a fact of life when it comes to CrossFit workouts.

"If you rush through everything and don't do recovery and proper stretching you'll be wrecked," Williams said. "So that's a part of my daily routine."

Copper Fit Back Pro's commercial claims the product is the "ultimate copper-infused compression garment for maximum lower back muscle support."

The product is endorsed by legendary former quarterback Brett Farvre who, in the commercial, states: "As soon as I put on Copper Fit, I can feel the support."

Our testers did not have that immediate reaction.

"I don't notice anything magical happening in my back," Williams said.

Williams ran through a number of CrossFit exercises in hopes of experiencing the support promised in the advertisement.

"I don't feel any difference," Williams said.

Williams noticed the belt appeared to be drooping and a fold developed at the base of her spine. We began to think perhaps Williams' waist was too slender to meet the minimum 28-inch waist size of this particular Copper Fit Back Pro belt.

To properly test the product we enlisted the help of CrossFit athlete Matt Leimer who has recently had issues with muscular back pain that he has so far managed through ibuprofen, stretching and occasional trips to the chiropractor.

When Leimer put Copper Fit Back Pro on he also didn't notice any dramatic difference in his level of back support.

"I don't really feel any different," Leimer said.

Leimer continued his workout and said he did notice some support during certain activities.

"Compared to some of my other weightlifting belts it's not super supportive," said Leimer. "But it does give a little extra something to push against. A little support."

Leimer wanted to give Copper Fit Back Pro a little more time before he weighed in, and agreed to wear the belt for his workout and the following day at school teaching junior high science classes.

We met back up with Leimer after school and following another workout.

"Honestly during both I didn't really feel any back relief," said Leimer. "What I did feel at school was it made me hot and sweaty. That's okay during a workout, but at school in front of the class that's not okay."

Leimer gave Copper Fit Back Pro two stars on this does it work test.

We purchase the Copper Fit Back Pro for this test for $19.99 at

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