Gov. Greitens explains Right to Work's effect on Bootheel

Gov. Greitens explains Right to Work's effect on Bootheel

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) - One week ago Governor Eric Greitens signed right to work legislation into law.

On Monday, February 13, he explained what he believed is the importance of Right to Work, especially for the Bootheel.

"What right to work does is it says very simply, Missouri's open for business," said the Governor.

Governor Eric Greitens and State Representative Holly Rehder's bill made Missouri the 28th right to work state.

"In those other 27 states, people were on average earning more money than they were right here in the state of Missouri," said Greitens.

"We have folks that are driving over to Tennessee and Arkansas every day to work and we want those jobs in our location," said Representative Rehder.

Their idea is to allow workers to choose if they want to join unions. This means no longer requiring union fees for any jobs.

"What right to work does is it actually returns power to union members," said Greitens. "Keep in mind what right to work does is it says anyone has the choice about whether or not join a union…"

"It makes those members have the ability to be a part of it or not if it's something worth paying for," said Rehder. "So the union stewards or union bosses have to actually provide a service."

The laws they pass here at the statehouse is something they hope will increase the jobs all over the state.

"Anybody who's got a factory who wants to build good quality jobs representative Rehder and I the reason we got Right to Work passed is to let people know that Missouri is open for business," added the Governor.

According to Greitens and Rehder, several companies have expressed interest in bringing their jobs to the show me state. Greitens hopes that will help everyone but specifically the bootheel.

"You know people throughout southeast Missouri they are sick of having their friends drive to Arkansas, get in a truck, drive to Tennessee for a good job. We want to have those good quality jobs right here in the state of Missouri"

In addition to Right to Work, Greitens plans to work with congress and bring other reform to attract businesses into the state.

After Governor Greitens signed Right to Work into law however, opponents of the legislation filed a petition for a referendum with the Secretary of State's office.

Opponents of Right to Work say it would weaken unions who are trying to do their best for their members.

If the petition gets enough signatures, Right to Work would be put on the ballot giving voters a chance to decide it's fate.

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