Kicktail Lure

Kicktail Lure
By:  Amy Jacquin
Many of you relax by fishing. Whether you keep them, or toss them back, it's a lot more fun when you catch more fish. And a good lure certainly helps!
Kicktail lures are $30 for a three-pack... a surface skimmer, a deeper swimmer, and one that mimics an injured fish.
Bob Hughey and Steve Ramey fish about 20 bass tournaments every year, and usually do very well. They've never tried the Kicktail before.
"He's going to be the guinea pig this time!" Steve laughs, since he tried our Walking Worm lure last time, and caught no fish.
Bob fishes with the Kicktail... Steve uses his regular lures. But we chose a poor fishing day in late April to be on Crab Orchard Lake... it's very cold and windy.
"I know you'd like to shoot us catching a fish, so we'll continue!" they laugh.
Eventually they get some nibbles...
"Steve had three hits," Bob gives us an update. " I've missed maybe one on this. You've got to run it real slow. Otherwise if you move it too fast, it'll turn over on its side."
And finally, Steve reels in a fish... on his lures, not the Kicktail.
"And he's basically fishing the same area I just went through, two or three times," Bob shakes his head.
And Bob is even less impressed when the diving Kicktail breaks.
"The grade is going down quickly on this one!" he adds. "When I spliced a weed off the end of it, the tail came off. Two pieces of the tail broke off. The construction isn't too heavy duty."
So Bob switches to the shallow swimming kicktail... but still doesn't get a good bite.
We end this fishing trip with Steve snagging two on his own lures... Bob zero with the Kicktail.
But we realize one afternoon on a bad day isn't a true test, so Bob and Steve keep the Kicktail for the entire month of May.
When we checked-back in early June, their opinion hadn't changed much! They believe the Kicktail may be effective in schooling fish that are chasing minnows... but not for most of the bass-fishing applications THEY experience. Also, it doesn't track well, and the hook design means it hangs-up easily. So overall the $30 Kicktail earns a D.