Remember Jacqueline Kennedy's White House Tour

Remember Jacqueline Kennedy's White House Tour

(KFVS) - Lot's of people tuned in to CBS on this date 55 years ago.

It was on February 14th  in 1962 First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducted her now famous White House tour on TV.

It was the first time, the public got a look at the $2 million dollar restoration of The White House.  The first lady had a big say in the new decorations which she hand picked right after the Kennedy's had move into their new home a year earlier.

The documentary showed Mrs. Kennedy walking through the White House and talking with CBS News correspondent Chris Collingwood.  It's  considered to be the first prime-time TV documentary specifically targeted to women.

The film was paid for jointly by the big three networks.  CBS and NBC aired it on Valentine's Day.  ABC aired it four days later.

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