Carbondale Police Department prepares for 'Polar Bear' event

Carbondale Police Department prepares for 'Polar Bear' event

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Carbondale Police Department plans on being out on the streets during the popular winter festival "Polar Bear."

The unsanctioned event has been in Carbondale for nearly 15 years and thousands of people attend.

The police department will have extra officers on duty to patrol the streets. Their biggest concern is drunk driving.

Police advise people to make sure to go out with a friend that knows where you are at, make sure your vehicle is locked and don't invite strangers into your home.

"With large crowds, fights can happen, people can drink more than they should," Sgt. Amber Ronketto with Carbondale Police Department, said. "People can have to be taken to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning. Those are our biggest concerns, just making sure everybody stays safe."

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