Does It Work: Hands On Grooming Gloves

Does It Work: Hands On Grooming Gloves
Our tester gave Hands On Grooming Gloves 4 stars. (Source: KFVS)
Our tester gave Hands On Grooming Gloves 4 stars. (Source: KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Hands On Grooming Gloves claim they can help you get control of your pet's shedding, even for dogs who hate to be brushed.

But do Hands On Gloves really work?

As a Doggie Daycare Provider, Stacy Busch-Heisserer of Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp knows a thing or two about shedding.

Busch-Heisserer and her staff try to keep the hair to a minimum by brushing and bathing the dogs occasionally, but not all dogs like to be brushed.

"With your traditional slicker brush, they are kind of sharp on the ends," said Busch-Heisserer. "That's not to say it's going to hurt - but for a dog with a short coat it's going to be a little more grating on the skin."

The makers of the Hands On Gloves claim their product is "a revolutionary new concept."

The product's commercial claims "the scrubbing modules on the fingers and palms provide a deep, thorough clean and are the best de-shedders on the market today, all while providing an unprecedented connection between you and your animals."

Hazel, a beagle mix at Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp, is the first to try Hands On out.

Busch-Heisserer said Hazel doesn't usually like to be brushed.

"Some dogs just don't like the idea of a brush in general," said Busch-Heisserer. "It's the handle, if it makes noise; there are a lot of factors that a dog might be uncomfortable with a traditional brush."

Hazel didn't seem to mind Hands On. While the fur was definitely flying, Hazel remained calm.

Next, Busch-Heisserer wanted to see if Hands On would hold up during a bath with a long-haired retriever mix named Bonnie.

"She's a member of the sporting group so they have hair that helps to repel water when they're out in the field hunting duck, or whatever they're doing," said Busch-Heisserer. "So that is a little different kind of coat ... a lot of brushes don't work on wet hair."

Busch-Heisserer used Hands On to scrub the shampoo into Bonnie's coat.

"I like that you can comb it through that seems to be working pretty good," said Busch-Heisserer.

Even in some typically tough-to-scrub places, Busch-Heisserer said Hands On gave her and edge.

"You can get all around the foot and leg," said Busch-Heisserer. "You can actually grip the leg and get all the way around the leg while scrubbing."

While Bonnie didn't seem enthused about the bath, Busch-Heisserer said she was surprised by how much hair Hands On took off.

"Honestly I found a decent amount of hair that came off of her just in the bath itself," said Busch-Heisserer. "I mean dogs are always going to lose a little hair in the bathing process but this is more than I expected."

Busch-Heisserer gave Hands On four stars on this Does it Work test.

Hands On Gloves come in several sizes. You can buy them online at Amazon for about $25.

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