Tech Tuesday: apps to help keep resolutions on track

Updated: Jan. 10, 2017 at 4:33 AM CST
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A week into 2017 and your New Year resolutions may already be starting to slip. But there are some tech tools out there to help you keep on track. Here are a few to try:

The "Kwit" app is designed to help smokers kick the habit. Shake the phone when you feel the urge for a cigarette and you'll get a tip to stay on track. It also has games you can play instead of taking a smoke break, and it calculates how much money 
You can let the "Digit" app do the hard work to help you save money. It checks spending habits and income, then automatically pulls out a small amount from your checking account into savings.

"HabitBull" helps you overcome bad habits or add good habits to your life. Just choose which you'd like to log and check in daily to monitor your success. It'll also remind you if you forget.

If learning a new language is on your to-do list, "Duolingo" can help. Lessons that feel like games helps you squeeze in exercises while you wait in line, at the breakfast table or before you go to bed. Right now the app offers 14 different languages.

And if you've resolved to be more positive, "Happify" may be right for you. Developers say it's a science-based app that offers activities and games to give you a boost. Once you've downloaded it, you fill out a survey about the stressors in your life, and Happify will pick a track for you with unique daily tasks like "Conquer My Negative Thoughts" or "Cope Better With Stress."

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