Good Samaritan reunited with crash victim she gave quilt to

Good Samaritan reunited with crash victim she gave quilt to
Published: Dec. 29, 2016 at 3:34 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 30, 2016 at 6:23 PM CST
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CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Thanks to the power of social media, the victim in a head-on collision found one of the strangers that cared for her the night of the crash.

The anonymous and generous owner of the quilt has come forward, her name is Molly Watson.

Sydelle Fulk and her husband Robert Fulk made it their purpose to find the woman that helped Sydelle when she needed it the most.

"This is it…it's over," said Sydelle about the thoughts she had as she was driving her vehicle and saw a white SUV driving in her lane at about 50 miles per hour.  "Like a split second later was the impact, it was that fast."

She said she started her daily routine of heading into town around 3:15 p.m. with her dogs, Mia and Kira, to pick up her daughter from Marion High School. It happened on Dec. 13.

On her drive there, Sydelle said a white SUV traveled into her lane on Route 37 and slammed into her car.

One man, a complete stranger, came to Sydelle's rescue. She said her dogs got flustered and tried to jump out of the car from the back seat. The man helped her and the dogs out of the car, placed her on the grass and gave her his phone to call her husband.

Sydelle's first words on the phone call to her husband went something like this, "I've been in a head on collision and you need to come right away and get the dogs." Her priority in the moment were the dogs because she knew the siren-intense scene would upset them.

She sat on the grass and waited for the EMTs, her husband, the police. Sprawled out on the cold ground, she was not dressed for the weather, wearing just jeans and a sweatshirt. She recalls the temperatures below freezing.

A lady, which we now know as Molly Watson, came over to warm her up. The woman put a Christmas embroidered quilt on Sydelle to keep her warm.

Sydelle said she was almost like an angel, but she couldn't remember what she looked like.

"I was laying on the ground and I remember seeing a woman and I couldn't tell you how old or young…" she explained.

On Friday, Watson modestly replied, "I don't consider myself an angel, but thank you. I'm just there to help. In my family's words - God puts you in places where you need to be. and that's what he did."

While she's recovering from her broken foot, Sydelle and her husband, Robert, set out to find the woman who stopped to help.

Robert said, "It's important and the person needs to know that we really appreciate it and I would like to personally thank them."

Robert took to social media to get his message out, receiving more than 500 shares.

"I'm very very thankful that somewhere there was an angel watching over and helping," Sydelle explained.

After this story was posted on the KFVS-TV Facebook page, the woman that stopped to help came forward.

Watson's daughter originally heard about the quilt search on KFVS Facebook page, then she text her mom a picture of the quilt to confirm, and finally her daughter connected the dots.

Watson went to the house of Sydelle and Robert on Friday, Dec. 30, two days after the post on the KFVS page.

Watson did not expect to get her snowman quilt back because she said she knew it was going to a great cause.

The Christmas quilt is back to its rightful owner, but the memory of that act of kindness lives on forever.

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