CDC says it's not too late for a Flu shot

It is not to late to get your flu shot

(KFVS) - Right now, the flu is starting to rear its ugly head. Between the months of December and March is the biggest time to get sick, but can go all the way until May.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said right now there is a low amount of cases so far this season, but that will soon change.

It is hard to estimate how many Americans will get sick this season, but officials say getting the vaccine is the best way to help reduce the chance.

In a typical season, 200,000 Americans go to the hospital because of the flu related symptoms, and the death rate has reached 49,000 in one year.

The CDC recommends anyone six-months-old or more get vaccinated. Mothers with newborn children should also get vaccinated to help protect their child.

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