Holocaust survivor to speak at Carbondale church

Holocaust survivor to speak at Carbondale church

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - On Tuesday night, December 6, people in Carbondale, Illinois had the chance to hear a first-hand account from another aspect of World War II, just a day before the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Marion Blumenthal Lazaan shared her story with the people filling the pews at the United Methodist Church.

Lazaan is a survivor of the Holocaust.

She was just a little girl when her family fled their home in Nazi Germany for Holland, only to have their place of refuge fall into Nazi hands shortly thereafter.

Her family was placed in a prison camp  in Holland and later shipped to a concentration camp in Germany.

Lazaan wrote her own memoir called "Four Perfect Pebbles," but said her experience was similar to that of Anne Frank.

The two were just girls held in the same concentration camps. Anne Frank, however, died of typhus at just 16 years old. Lazaan lived to see the liberation of the camp in 1945 and eventually immigrated to the United States.

She has gone on to share her story with the world.

On her website, Lazaan said she speaks to schools, churches, synagogues and civic organizations throughout the U.S., Germany and Israel.

In her talks, she always stresses the need for love, respect and tolerance for one another, regardless of religion, skin color, race or national origin.

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