Ellington, MO man wins $100K with lottery ticket on Election Day

Ellington, MO man wins $100K with lottery ticket on Election Day

ELLINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Election Day on November 8 was a big day for Americans. It was an even bigger day for an Ellington, Missouri man.

When Carl Hampton, 55, went out to place his vote during his lunch break, he decided to stop at the Town and Country Supermarket on Trimmer Lane in Ellington to pick up his favorite scratchers ticket. He didn't know it would change the course of his day.

"It stopped in to buy a 'Black Pearls' Scratchers ticket before going to vote," Hampton said, recalling he has had some luck playing before. "I play this ticket a lot and have won a couple times. I won $200 awhile back."

As soon as he scratched his "Black Pearls" ticket, Hampton realized he had just won $100,000.

He immediately told a friend and then his boss so he could head up to the lottery's St. Louis regional office to claim his winnings right away.

"My boss asked me if I was coming back tomorrow," Hampton laughed. He works as an area landscaper.

Hampton said his biggest win playing the lottery was $500, but this tops them all.

"This is going to be quite the blessing," he said.

Hampton plans to use the $100,000 to first fix up his "place."

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