Eagle Ridge Christian School raises money for school and meals to Haiti

Eagle Ridge Christian School raises money for school and meals to Haiti

(KFVS) - This year, one heartland school took fundraising to a whole new level.

It's raising funds and helping feed the hungry outside U.S. Borders.

"You can only sell so many butter braids, or cookies or you know fundraisers that every other school does," coordinator Krisinda Cook said.

Students at Eagle Ridge Christian School formed an assembly line to pour, measure and pack dried meals into boxes.

"We're packing meals and these meals are going to go to Haiti," Cook said.

"In times past the feed the hungry will send the meals to five specific third-world countries and one of them is Haiti, one of them is Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Jamaica," Feed the Need Event Coordinator Rachel Mellies said. "But this year, when they heard about the hurricane that hit Haiti and the devastation they funneled all of that going to Haiti."

Students like eighth grader Jasmine Brown pack the meals and label them. They even write letters preparing the meals for shipment.

"I used to feel like I can't really do anything for those people when the first earthquake hit Haiti and it hurt because you don't think you can do anything but it's really great to be able to help people," Brown said.

Students are packing 1,600 meal bags but they're also helping their school in the process.

Out of every dollar the school raises, 65-cents goes to the school and 35-cents goes to the cause.

"The money that we raise will help us buy some much needed shuttle vans for our school and some other things we are also wanting to do," Mellies said.

"It's a little different than public school, they have access to school buses and it's just a big expense for a little school like us," Cook said.

Brown said even though she won't know the people she helps, just knowing she is helping by filling these bags is a fulfilling experience for she and her classmates.

"It's great that we can help them, but then we also get blessed for what we do," Brown said.

Most of the meals will go to Haiti, but some will also go to a local Cape Girardeau food bank.

So far the school has raise $43,000 through their efforts.

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