Tech Tuesday: helping you get rid of forgotten online subscriptions

Tech Tuesday: helping you get rid of forgotten online subscriptions
Updated: Nov. 15, 2016 at 6:40 AM CST
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(KFVS) - You can hire a service to do just about anything these days, from cutting your lawn, to picking up your dry cleaning, and doing your shopping. Online subscriptions are meant to save you time as well, delivering shaving supplies to your door every month, providing monthly entertainment through movies or audio books, or even adding to your wardrobe with the newest fashions.

But they're only helpful if you use them. Many people forget they've signed up for an online subscription, or either don't realize the free 3-month trial they signed up for ended in a monthly $30 fee, or forgot to unsubscribe in time to avoid it.

That's where some digital assistants come in. Companies like Trim or Truebill find, track and can even cancel your unwanted subscriptions, both online and in real life.

Here's how it works:

  • You give the digital assistant company your credit card or bank account numbers that you use to sign up for anything from a weekly meal delivery service to a gym membership.
  • They go through your accounts and identify all of the services you subscribe to, then send you a list of those services.
  • You decide which services you'd like to keep and either unsubscribe the ones you don't yourself, or have the digital assistant company do it for you.

Most of these companies are free, but may charge a fee if you choose to have them unsubscribe a service for you and it takes more than an email. They're banking on making money from advertising other subscription services.

The savings can add up quickly. If you have a $40-a-month subscription fee you're paying, forget about it and don't use it for a year...that's $480 of your hard-earned money out the window. And if you have more than one forgotten can save even more money.

Truebill says it saves the average customer $512 dollars. Trim says it saves people up to a $180 a year.

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