Dangers of dry weather during hunting season

Dangers of dry weather during hunting season

(KFVS) - Missouri Firearm deer season starts on Saturday, November 12.

While hunters will be dressed in orange to keep themselves safe, there is another danger they might need to know about.

Deer firearm season is the most popular hunting season in Missouri and there's fire danger with the dry weather.

"There's no fire danger when it's raining every other day, but once again it's dried up at the worst time just for deer season." Protection District Supervisor Russell Duckworth said.

Saturday morning hunters will head to their deer stands for firearm season.

"Regardless of how cold or warm it is you always have to have that camp fire to cook over, or just to sit around," Duckworth said.

But one concern experts have with the dry weather is fires getting out of control.

"We always have a fire that will crop up somewhere and it always comes from a deer camp," Duckworth said

"Your leaves, your dry grass, stuff like that when you do have a kick up in the wind it can advance really quickly," Captain Andy Morris, with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department said.

And he has some advice if you plan on having a fire anytime soon.

"I always say if you're going to do a camp fire or something like that, it never hurts to wet down the area around your camp fire just in case, it's harder to burn something that's wet," Morris said.

Duckworth said to rake leaves away from the fire ring and to make sure the fire is completely out before you leave.

"As dry as it is right now we have windy conditions outside right now so on a day like this it's very high fire danger right now so no it wouldn't take much to get it outside of your camp fire and through the woods right now," Duckworth said.

He hopes the amount of people getting out in the next 11 days won't change that.

"We've been fortunate to this point in that we haven't had many reported fires and we're hoping we can go through firearms deer seasons and not have many issues," Duckworth said.

Parts of Kentucky are currently under a burn ban and Cape Girardeau Fire Department decides burn bans on a day by day basis depending on the wind speed.

This year the burn bans have been back and forth in Cape Girardeau.

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