Ways to Save: make money off your old clothes online

Ways to Save: make money off your old clothes online

(KFVS) - As you put away your spring and summer shorts and tank tops for fall and winter scarves and sweaters, you may find you want to let go of some of your old clothes.

You could just donate them to a local charity store. Or with a little bit of work, you could make some extra cash off your old clothes.

Here are two online shops to help.

ThredUp buys and sells a lot of different kinds of items including for kids and plus sizes, with just a few brand restrictions. They send you a clean bag, you fill it up, then ship it back with a prepaid label. Then the company reviews your goods, and gets back to you with what they'll pay. Anything with a priced less than $59.99 gets you an upfront payout of 10-40% of the anticipated selling price. You can use that on ThredUp, or wait 14 days for the cash via PayPal. For any item listed at more than $60, you're paid on consignment, which means you only make money when it sells. But when it does you get 50-80% of the selling price. If you don't like the prices they quote you, they'll ship everything back to you for a small fee.

You'll have to do a bit more work using Tradesy, but you'll end up with a bigger return. You list your own items of the site, including pricing and photographing everything yourself. There are no brand restrictions and they take anything including bags and jewelry, as long as it's in good condition. Tradesy will help by enhancing photos and suggesting prices. Once someone buys something you've listed, Tradesy sends you a free shipping kit for you to send the item directly to the buyer. The site takes a 9% commission is you keep your credit in Tradesy for future purchases, and 11% if you want to cash out.

Or you can go old school, and find a consignment store near you.

No matter matter what, the items you sell need to be in good condition, or no one will buy it.

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