Bertrand, MO group sends vegetable seeds to Haiti

Seeds sent to Haiti to help rebuild agricultural economy

BERTRAND, MO (KFVS) - Hope Seeds will be sending thousands of bags of vegetable seeds to Haiti to help rebuild their agricultural economy.

There's bags of tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley all ready to be planted once they arrive on the island.

This isn't the first time the Christian group has sent seeds to Haiti, they've been sending them for more than a decade now.

However, organizers say after Hurricane Matthew, this time is a little different.

"Some of those people don't have any money and food is very expensive, especially after a disaster like this," Mike Mueller said. "There's very little food in the beginning and the price goes up and they can't afford it, so when they can have their own garden at least they can fix their own fresh greens or tomatoes so they can have something nutritious to eat."

To speed up the process, the group is also pre-planting some seeds and sending them as well.

"People always want to send food and medical supplies and water, which is very important and critical, but redevelopment of an agricultural economy is usually what the second wave is," Mueller said. "So usually we're more slower than everybody else, but this time we're on the front end."

The bags of seeds will be flown down to Haiti on Monday.

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