Does it Work: CareRing Covers

Does It Work: CareRing Covers
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A lot of ladies live in fear of losing their wedding or engagement ring.

A product called CareRing claims it can protect your jewels without having to remove your ring, but does it work?

Kristine Sanders knows all too well the terrible feeling you get when you realize you're missing your diamond.

"The diamond just fell out – gone," said Sanders. "It's your first ring, the one that he gave you when he was down on one knee. There's really an emotional attachment to it."

Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Sanders purchased a replacement ring. She said the replacement didn't diminish the loss, nor did it quell her fears about losing ring number two.

"I worry about losing it other ways," Sanders said. "Could it fall down the sink drain? Could one my kids knock it off and we lose it? Anything that could happen to it."

CareRing covers claim they can protect your precious ring while it's on your finger.

CareRing claims it is a comfortable, durable protective system that seals out dirt, chemicals, lotions and more.

Sanders stretched the smallest CareRing over her size five finger. Once it was over her rather sizable diamond, Sanders said CareRing  was uncomfortably tight.

The product's website instructs users to opt for one size up if they have a larger ring, so Sanders tried out the medium CareRing.

"That's more comfortable," Sanders said.

Once CareRing was in place, Sanders ran through a variety of tasks that she would normally remove her ring to accomplish.

Sanders kneaded dough, formed raw hamburger patties, did some dishes, transplanted a mum into a flower pot, and put on lotion. After all that dirty work, Sanders said CareRing kept her diamonds shining bright.

"My finger is clean and there doesn't appear to be any debris under my ring, no debris on the ring guard itself either," Sanders said. "I'd say for temporary use such as we've used it today it's done its job."

Sanders gave CareRing 4 stars on this Does It Work test.

You can purchase a set of three CareRing Covers through the product website or Amazon for $9.99.

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