New MO program geared toward to helping students graduate on time

New MO program geared toward to helping students graduate on time

MISSOURI (KFVS) - More than a 100 people representing colleges and universities across the state of Missouri will meet in Springfield to talk about a new high education initiative on Wednesday, October 11.

The Missouri Department of Education (MDHE) is reporting less than one third of college students take 15 credit hours, making it impossible to graduate in four years.

The program is called "15 to Finish" and some people said they are on track for graduating on time. However, others say they wish they had someone telling them to take one more class.

"I only took 12, but I was working two jobs and like I was so busy all the time." Olivia Romine, junior at Southeast Missouri State University said.

Romine said she wishes she had heard about 15 to finish sooner.

"But now that I'm looking back, I wish I would have done 15 because I'm very behind now so in retrospect I wish I would have done 15 but I didn't and now I regret that," she said.

This new state program is geared to push full-time students to take at least 15 credit hours a semester.

Some students that take less than 15 makes it impossible to graduate on time, leaving students with an extra year or semester.

Complete College America said an extra year at a four-year university costs more than $68,000.

The program urges students to take that extra class every semester so they will get them in their cap and gown on time.

"I wish somebody did tell me to take an extra credit, but it all works out in the end," Romine said.

On top of urging students to take 15 credit hours, in June lawmakers signed the "15 to Finish Act" which allows DESE to make policies to promote on-time completion.

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