IN CUSTODY: East Prairie man accused of violently beating woman

WANTED: Sikeston PD searching for man accused of violently beating woman
Published: Sep. 17, 2016 at 5:18 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 22, 2016 at 10:01 PM CDT
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Joseph Phillip Latamondeer (Source: Sikeston DPS)
Joseph Phillip Latamondeer (Source: Sikeston DPS)
Joseph Phillip Latamondeer (Source: Sikeston DPS)
Joseph Phillip Latamondeer (Source: Sikeston DPS)

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A man accused of brutally beating a 25-year-old woman is now in custody.

According to Mississippi County Sheriff Keith Moore, Joseph Phillip Latamondeer, 40, of East Prairie, was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, September 22.

Sheriff Moore said Latamondeer was at his dad's home in Mississippi County when he was arrested around 4:30 p.m. The sheriff's department had to make entry and found Latamondeer hiding inside the home.

He was taken to the Mississippi County Jail.

Sheriff Moore said Sikeston police assisted in the arrest.

On Friday, at 1:52 a.m., officers were sent to Missouri Delta Medical Center in Sikeston, Mo. to assist another agency in reference to a domestic assault.

Further investigation revealed that the domestic assault began at Walmart in Sikeston.

The victim said she was assaulted by her boyfriend of one month, who was identified as Joseph Phillip Latamondeer.

On Wednesday, September 14, the victim said it started at Walmart in Sikeston when Latamondeer punched her in the face in the parking lot before going inside for a few items. 

Afterwards, they then drove to Hardee's to get some food. While in the drive-thru she said she tried to run away because she was afraid.

The victim said she went up to Hardee's and attempted to go inside but the doors were locked.

There were two other vehicles in the drive-thru, so she went to the first vehicle and they told her to leave. The second vehicle allowed her to talk and climb in the back seat.

As she climbed inside, Latamondeer allegedly drug her out of the vehicle by her hair and arms and threw her into his vehicle.

The victim said they then drove out of Sikeston city limits and to County Road 820 in New Madrid County where his truck broke down from overheating.

She said she then tried to run again but he caught her.

She stated he started kicking her several times in the sides and then threw her back into the truck and drove to Mississippi County to a place called 'Rock Bottoms.'

The victim said they then got on an ATV, where Latamondeer started attacking her again. After the assault, he then drove her home. The victim said that this was not the first time he assaulted her, but she could not recall exact dates or times.

The officer delivering the probable cause statement said the following about the injuries:

"It is clear based on his actions in the past and this new charge that he is going to continue to commit violent acts towards women without any disregard for what he is doing or the amount of pain he inflicts. Based on my 25+ year working in law enforcement this was by far the most bruising I have ever seen on a victim as a result of being assaulted."

The probable cause statements indicated the victim had burns on her back and chest that looked to be from a cigarette, according to medical personnel at Missouri Delta Medical Center. The report states she also had bruising on her face, chin and neck, on her left arm, covering the entire arm above the elbow, bruising all over her back, on her buttocks, bruising on her upper left leg and knee covering almost the entire thigh, three large bruises on her right upper thigh and knee, multiple bruises on her chest and stomach area.

The victim also had approximately 16 bite marks on her back, chest, arms and legs. She had 8 broken ribs, broken in multiple places.

She was in kidney failure as a result of the assault, requiring dialysis, and also has a bruised heart sustained from the domestic assault, according to investigators.

The victim's mother says her daughter's friend called her because she could not get inside the victim's home in East Prairie, but could hear her crying.

Her mother then went inside to find her daughter crying on the edge of her bed, saying that her whole body hurt.

Her mother said she could see the bruising on her face, neck, and arms. The victim recounted the events of the night, saying she was afraid to go to the hospital.

The victim's father said he received a phone call from the victim's mother saying their daughter had been hurt. He arrived at the home and learned that Latamondeer had allegedly beaten her, apparently because she told him she planned on leaving the state.

Latamondeer has several prior felony convictions. He now faces charges of domestic assault, first degree - serious physical injury, kidnapping, and armed criminal action.

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