Longtime KFVS receptionist celebrates 80th birthday

Longtime KFVS receptionist celebrates 80th birthday
Published: Aug. 17, 2016 at 3:34 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 17, 2016 at 9:21 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Sometimes it's that friendly voice on the other end of the phone that makes all the difference.

We're talking about an actual human being, not a recording.

"People will call and say, 'oh my goodness you're a person,'" said Shirley Slaughter with a chuckle.

That's hard to find these days, isn't it?

Shirley takes pride in her work.

"This is my job, this is where I fit in," said Shirley. "I've never wanted to move."

For nearly 38 years, Shirley has been answering the phone and serving as the friendly first face people see as they walk in the door at KFVS-12.

Shirley is celebrating a milestone birthday, and no one can believe her age. Believe it or not, Shirley is 80 years old.

"I don't feel 80," said Shirley.

She certainly doesn't look it either. She said everyone tells her that.

So, what's her secret?

"I think it's just enjoying life, that's the only think I can say," said Shirley. "I enjoy life."

By doing that, her joy has touched others.

"She is so kind and sweet, doesn't make a difference how many times I talk to her," said Doris Owens.

Doris Owens is 92 years old. Years ago, she called KFVS to ask a question. Of course, Shirley answered that call.

Shirley was so kind, Doris couldn't help herself. She called again and again, just to hear Shirley's voice.

"She's the most helpful lady I know," said Doris Owens.

"If everyone practiced 24 hours being nice to everyone they meet I think it would make you feel better," said Shirley. "It makes me feel better to know I helped someone. If someone says oh you're very helpful... then it makes my day."

"She is such a caring person and listens to everyone," said co-worker and friend, Becky Huber.

"It's so nice to have her as the voice of the station. When she answers the phone it's always friendly," said another co-worker and friend, Shirlene Hecht.

It's easy to see how much Shirley enjoys her work.

"From 8-5 every day, I love every minute," said Shirley.

And, lucky for KFVS, Shirley has no plans to retire.

"I love my job too much. I don't want to retire," said Shirley.

Shirley is one blessed lady.

She's the mother to five, grandmother to 18 and great-grandmother to 15. She gives thanks to God every day for her family, friends and place of employment.

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