Jarod Shumaker - Vienna High School

Jarod Shumaker

Vienna High School


Band / Music

"He is young and he knows how to get the best out of the kids. He knows when to let them have a good time and when to hit it hard."

"...the best music teacher VHS has ever had. He works very hard to help his students do their very best."

"He has a friendly, outgoing personality which helps students want to learn and get excited about music."

"He does so much for us and at times receives not enough credit. He works so hard for us and for the community. To me he si the Heartland's Best. I wish everybody could see how lucky we are to have him."

"He teaches us self-respect, discipline, and how to work together."

"He lets us be us-teenagers who love music. Sometimes he lets us make up our own ending to a song, which is fun."

"He has taken on so many responsibilites with Band that he barely has time for himself. He has done a Madrigal, Cantata, and teaches a theory class after school."

"He is just awsome. He's someone who can help you with any problems."

"If I didn't have him as a band director, I wouldn't be who I am today.  He has inspired me to do so much with my life."