11 ways to have a great back to school day

How to transition to the back to school schedule

(KFVS) - Back to school is a special and exciting time for most kids.

With that day upon dozens of districts throughout The Heartland here are some tips to make this day even better.

The ideas were compiled by Care.com, a company that specializes in childcare. They spoke with Brenda Nixon, M.A., a parenting expert.

  1. Establish a new bedtime Nixon says it's important to ease kids into a new schedule, so put them to bed a little earlier each night so they get enough rest. Nixon says kids that are well-rested perform better in school.
  2. Be Organized and Prepare Early There's lots of paperwork involved in school, especially at the beginning of a semester or school year. Be sure it's all in order from medical forms, permission slips, etc. Nixon says having all of this laid out will help your child feel better about the start of the school year.
  3. Help your child prepare Nixon says to get your kids involved in the preparation process. Whether that is making lunch or picking out school supplies. She says it can add to the excitement of the start of the school year.
  4. Review the school routine Go over your child's school schedule from start to finish. This can help them feel more confident about the day. If it's a new school Nixon says to check out the campus first and put some landmarks in perspective.
  5. Talk to your child care provider If your child goes to daycare or has a babysitter make sure they know the schedule too. Nixon says this is important so both the child and the provider know where to be after school and it avoids confusion.
  6. Meet the teacher(s) This one can be accomplished by going to back to school night or meeting them on the first day of class. Nixon says it's good to ask what is the best way to get in contact with them.
  7. Talk about your memories Nixon says a nice thing to do to get your kids in the spirit is to talk about your own positive experiences from school. Tell your kids about what your favorite class was, your favorite teacher, how they made an impact on your life. Nixon says if your time in school wasn't positive it's good to try and find something optimistic to talk about.
  8. Keep Calm Getting ready for any event can make some people anxious so Nixon says it's good to take things slow and stay peaceful. Try to make it as stress-free as possible.
  9. Get ready the night before Nixon suggests to lay everything out before you go to bed - backpacks, clothes, etc. You can even make lunch the night before so it's ready and waiting in the fridge. Just don't forget it!
  10. Be on time You've prepared, you've gone over the schedule, you are so ready to go! The important thing is to stay on track and start the first school day off right.
  11. Plan some fun School can be stressful, and so can getting into the swing of anything. Nixon says it's good to have something fun planned to end the day on a positive note.

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