Carterville, IL youth claims world record for fishing lures

Carterville, IL youth claims world record for fishing lures

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - A young man from Carterville has a Guinness World Record title at the age of 12.

Fishing enthusiast Will "Spike" Yocum started collecting Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap fishing lures when he was four and has now amassed a collection larger than 3,500.

Yocum's grandfather, Fred Washburn, was a Grand Champion Fisherman in 1980 and helped Will start the collection.

"God knows how many baits I've probably picked up over the years of assorted varieties," Washburn explained. "Oh, probably 20-25,000. They're everywhere in this building and the trailer behind it."

Will said his goal is to carry on that legacy.

"He brought me ever since I was a little kid," Will said in regards to meetings of a national collectors club. "I was going before I could even see over the table."

"I'm thinking at the time, 'boy this is going to get expensive if we both start doing this'… so I told him, why don't you start collecting Rat-L-Traps… they're cheap… and he did."

Will's sister Katie has started her own collection as well, she is specializing in pink fishing lures.

There is no former record holder for the number of Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap lures, but the family reports the last recorded figure for a collection of lures was less than a third the size of Will's.

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