Does It Work: Polar Pooch

Does It Work: Polar Pooch
Judy Rice of Du Quoin tested the Polar Pooch. (Source: KFVS)
Judy Rice of Du Quoin tested the Polar Pooch. (Source: KFVS)
Rice's friends Scooter (Golden-doodle) and Shay (Labrador) helped test Polar Pooch. (Source: KFVS)
Rice's friends Scooter (Golden-doodle) and Shay (Labrador) helped test Polar Pooch. (Source: KFVS)

DU QUOIN, IL (AP) - The dog days of summer are here, and that means Fido is feeling the heat just as much as you are.

The makers of a product called Polar Pooch claim their weight-activated cooling pad can cool off your pet for up to three hours at a time.

Judy Rice of Du Quoin knows all too well what hot dogs do. She said her three dogs keep her up at night when they stand up and flop on the hardwood floor.

"Up and down flopping – trying to find a cool spot on the floor," said Rice.

Rice hoped Polar Pooch could help her sleep at night by cooling down her dogs.

"If it works I'll definitely use it," said Rice.

Rice took Polar Pooch out of its box and we immediately took its temperature. Using a temperature gun we measured the temperature of Rice's sunroom wood floor at 86.9 degrees. The Polar Pooch mat temperature was six degrees cooler at 80.9 degrees.

In spite of the evident cooler temperature, the dogs gave the Polar Pooch the cold shoulder.

All three dogs required a lot of coaxing to get them to lay on the Polar Pooch mat.

A Labrador named Shay was convinced to stay on the mat long enough to relax a bit. Shay did stop panting, while fellow four-legged friend Scooter continued to pant on the hardwood floor.

"She really does seem cooler," said Rice. "Because we've got Scooter over there huffing and puffing and she's all nice. See what you're missing out on scooter?"

Even the cool mat wasn't enough to keep Shay in place. After a few minutes, the lab got up and sought out another spot.

We relocated Polar Pooch to an area where the dogs typically stretch out. All three dogs sniffed the cooling pad in their area but snubbed it, settling themselves on the floor instead.

Our next attempt was outdoors. On a day when the concrete temperature was 97 degrees in the shade we thought the cool mat would be a welcome oasis for Scooter and Shay.

The dogs still didn't bite, choosing the concrete over the Polar Pooch.

Finally, we put Polar Pooch on Shay's dog bed. We figured we could trick her into choosing the mat over the hardwood floor.

Again, Shay required a great deal of coaxing to lay down on the mat and didn't stay long.

"I think they still prefer the cool floor," said Rice. "But then again it might be something where if it was there all the time they could lay on it."

We left the Polar Pooch cooling mat at Rice's home for two more days, but the dogs didn't seem to be any more interested in the product as they became more comfortable with it.

Rice gave Polar Pooch three stars on this Does It Work test.

You can purchase Polar Pooch for $19.99 on the product's website.

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