The Knead serves up wholesome food and values

The Knead serves up wholesome food and values


Sometimes names aren't just a coincidence, they're a description. That's something that can definitely be said about Chad Bles, the man who oversees the operations of The Knead in Sikeston.

The Knead is a very unique restaurant in that their purpose is not to grow revenues and cash flow for an owner or operator. No, instead, The Knead was built to grow men through labor and Christ. The Knead is self-described as an establishment meant to serve as vocational rehab for those in recovery.

Chad, along with other board members of The Knead, Brad Aycock and Charles Hickman, were able to raise over $15,000 during a Kickstarter campaign in September of 2014. Even more amazing, they were able to add an additional $10,000 thanks to a donor who was willing to match those dollars to help the business get up and going.

Now, almost two years later, The Knead is going strong and serving two parts of the community in need. Individuals who have joined The Knead's vocational rehabilitation program are integrating back into the workforce and everyday life, while the everyday customers at The Knead are enjoying delicious food and fresh-baked goods.

The Knead's menu is full of wholesome food, same as their wholesome values. There's a plethora of sandwiches, including classic favorites like chicken salad and unique flavors of their Cubano sandwich. To complement their sandwiches, they offer other delectable items, from soups, to salads, to some of the best cookies you'll ever enjoy in this life.

Alongside the food you can enjoy in-store, there is plenty of bread to take home, too. White, wheat, sourdough, multigrain, garlic cheese, oatmeal pecan, and jalapeno cheddar are the take-home offers to pair with your favorite at home meals or enjoy with a sandwich of your choosing.